Monday, February 14, 2011


February 2011 News and plans updates for JETEEZY PTE LTD:

JETEEZY has been hiring since January 1st. Now we are on an expansion mode. Medevac operations using Jet Aircraft is starting out of the block. Jeteezy is also approaching EDB Singapore for Hangar building permit and land/space at the Seletar Aerospace technology park for carrying out a wide variety of aviation related works. Focus areas:

1. Medevac/Air Ambulance flights throughout the Asia-Pacific region
2. Operating aerial photo-grammetry/digital stereoscopic imaging Aircraft throughout Asia-Pacific
3. Sales center and support for Lake Amphibious Aircraft in India and Sri Lanka
4. Operating special ops Aircraft for fire fighting and re-foresting degraded forests in the region
5. Developing an hardware/software integration project between humans, alarm centers, hospitals/ICU's and Aircraft.

The company sees 2011 as the year for growth and consolidation of special aviation operations, mostly keeping conservation and life saving in mind. These are also growth drivers for the future.

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