Tuesday, December 17, 2013


For those that have been following our previous posts, this is an update article to announce that we have successfully test flown the reassembled Lake 250 Seaplane and have exported the Aircraft. It is now in Langkawi via Melaka for tech stop and Penang for the customer base.

We accepted the work of dismantling this Aircraft in the U.S.A and then shipped it to Singapore for reassembling, flight testing and delivery. This one-stop-shop concept for amphibious seaplanes is unique in this part of the World and we created many "firsts" along the way.

We took a test flight technical stop in Melaka where students from the Malaysia Flying Academy visited the seaplane as pictured here.

The Aircraft went on test and demo flights in the water also, making sea landings in Langkawi and the process of beaching the Aircraft as pictured in this blog.

Jeteezy is pleased to have been the first ever in memory for making such water landings in Langkawi with a regular certificated Airplane. A first for an amphibious seaplane.

We are also pleased to start preparation for more such Aircraft sales and deliveries starting early next year, on the same model of the work done for this Aircraft. Our workforce is to increase based on these activities of the Company commensurate with the volume. As it is, our full time staff of 4 specialists and contract staff of additional 3 during projects has put us in the mode of regularizing some of the contract staff into full time.

Once again we thank our customers, well wishers and supporters for making this happen. Our first amphibious seaplane project has led us to many more in the pipeline for 2014. We wish all of you the very best for the rest of the year. Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year!

 Capt. Anup Murthy pictured above during sea trials in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Our usual point of contact:
Capt. Anup Murthy
Managing Director
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24X7 Support hotline number: +65 9755 1124

Friday, November 29, 2013

Encouraging Aviation

ATTC at Singapore Seletar often hosts students from other institutes to come and make a visit of their Aviation College facilities and today we had a large group from Temasek polytechnic. When they visited the hangar, they obviously gravitated towards the few Aircraft parked there including the latest completed project of Jeteezy Pte Ltd, namely the Lake 250 Amphibious Seaplane re-assembling project.

The students obviously took many pictures, some of them have posted their pictures on instagram and similar networking sites as we talked about in the hangar. Our MD Capt. Anup Murthy and Maintenance Engineer Chris Chua were on hand to explain about this unique Aircraft and it's capabilities. The idea is to encourage more and more young people to take up Aviation as a career option and to further encourage those who have already thought about it seriously.

Earlier in the day, we had interns from ITE working at Aerospace Companies at Seletar Aerospace Park also visiting us. They are already one step ahead of the normal students in that they have found internship to gain experience in the aerospace technical field.

One of the young ITE graduates interning with an aerospace company was keen on the flying aspects of aviation as well and found a lot of joy in being in the cockpit, even if it was inside a hangar! The pictures above shows the joy and enthusiasm of this young woman

Jeteezy will always be an encouraging voice in the development of aviation activities in S. E. Asia and being based in progressive Singapore.

Our usual point of contact:

Capt. Anup Murthy
Managing Director
Jeteezy Pte Ltd
Regn: 200719105W GST Regd.
100 Beach Road, #25-06
Shaw Towers,
Singapore 189702

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lake 250 Seaplane Project completed!

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed the re-assembling of the Lake 250 Seaplane in Singapore at our facilities. The Aircraft also underwent a ground run prior to certification. Test flight to be conducted next week by our test pilot and Managing Director Capt. Anup Murthy.

Seaplane above, same one we have been posting while re-assembling it in Singapore in our earlier posts. This is a new venture and a unique project that no other company in Singapore has undertaken, a feather in the cap of Jeteezy promoters and supporters.

A Big Thank You to our customers and supporters, this seaplane will be the first of many in the Asian region that we will be handling works on. Great to be associated with promoters of Hampshire General Aviation as well.

Our team of technicians, Aircraft maintenance engineers, just before we did a ground run of the engine for the first time since the Seaplane arrived in a container. 

Jeteezy team were the end to end solutions providers for the Lake 250 Seaplane, engaged from dismantling it in the U.S.A., containerizing the same, exporting to Singapore for re-assembling project and now coming to the last stage of delivery.
A true one-stop-shop for General Aviation solutions, specially Seaplanes in Asia.
Our usual point of contact:
Capt. Anup Murthy
Managing Director
Jeteezy Pte Ltd
Regn: 200719105W GST Regd.
100 Beach Road, #25-06
Shaw Towers,
Singapore 189702

24X7 Support hotline number: +65 9755 1124

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lake 250 in Singapore Hangar

Further to our last post on 28th October 2013, we are pleased to post photos of the Lake 250 Seaplane being unloaded at the hangar for assembling. Captions below some photographs:

Container arriving at the hangar



We are happy to start work on the re-assembly of the Lake 250 Renegade Seaplane and looking forward to delivering it to client in two weeks time. There will be periodic updates as we progress in this work and go closer to test flight and certification .

Our usual point of contact:

Capt. Anup Murthy
Managing Director
Jeteezy Pte Ltd
Regn: 200719105W
100 Beach Road, #25-06
Shaw Towers,
Singapore 189702

24X7 Support hotline number: +65 9755 1124 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +65 9755 1124 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Aircraft maintenance/assembly/testing works at: Seletar Airport, Singapore

Sunday, October 27, 2013


UPDATE: 28 October 2013

Following our last blog post about shipping the Lake 250 Seaplane from United States to Singapore, we are pleased to announce that the same has arrived in Singapore.

Our work is to begin the process of re-assembling the Aircraft, test flying and certification of the Aircraft before delivering to Hampshire Capital Ltd, , for their operations in Indonesia and beyond.

There will be updates from time to time on the work progress and post test flight and delivery process. For Jeteezy Pte Ltd, this is the first major work for reassembling a dismantled Aircraft and there will be many more such projects in the pipeline in future.

We see this as an exciting opportunity to expand the business of being a fully integrated one-stop-shop for Lake 250 Seaplanes and all other types of Amphibious Aircraft for the Asia-Pacific region.

Our usual point of contact:

Capt. Anup Murthy
Managing Director
Jeteezy Pte Ltd
Regn: 200719105W
100 Beach Road, #25-06
Shaw Towers,
Singapore 189702

24X7 Support hotline number: +65 9755 1124

Aircraft maintenance/assembly/testing works at: Seletar Airport, Singapore

Monday, September 30, 2013


We are pleased  to announce that the Lake 250 demonstrator Aircraft has departed for Singapore, containerized and shipped by sea. 

The Aircraft arrived in Laconia Airport, New Hampshire, for dismantling at Skybright Aviation and packing for containerization in August and has subsequently left the Port of New York, having been exported by Jeteezy on behalf of Duesenberg Motors, Inc USA and consigned for re-assembling the Aircraft in Singapore. 

The Aircraft will remain in Singapore for re-assembling and flight testing at Jeteezy's facility in Seletar and following this, it will be de-registered and re-registered in Indonesia for regular flight operations and to work as demonstrator for future sales of Team Lake line of refurbished Aircraft. 

This work of refurbished Aircraft sales, support and services is being handled exclusively by Hampshire General Aviation, Pte Ltd, Singapore. More updates follows when the Aircraft arrives in Singapore around the 27th of October 2013.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


After the trip to the U.S. in June, and doing a pre-buy inspection of the Lake 250 Seaplane mentioned during that trip, Hampshire General Aviation has completed the purchase of the said Aircraft.

We are making a second trip to the U.S. on 21st July to take possession of the Lake 250 Serial Number 125 on behalf of Hampshire Capital of Malaysia and Duesenberg Motors, Inc, USA.

Thanks to all our well wishers for their continued support and good wishes, see you all soon in Singapore with the Seaplane!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

US Trip June-July 2013

Our Director Capt. Anup Murthy was in the U.S. between 25th June and 2nd July for meetings in Gilford, NH and subsequently flew down to Orlando-Bartow to do the pre-buy inspection of the Lake 250 Aircraft 51D.

Below pictures are of the Seaplane at Bartow Airport, Florida, U.S.A.

Following the visit to Bartow, our Director traveled to Tavares, FL to visit the Seaplane base there and evaluate the model for replicating the same in S.E. Asia.

Tavares Pics here below:

This is a Maule floatplane off ramp at Lake Harris

Couple of Cessna floatplanes

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lake 250 N8551D SOLD

We are pleased to update that a private party has purchased N8551D that has been posted here previously on our blog page (shown above). The Aircraft will serve as a demonstrator in the South East Asia region and from time to time it will be brought to Singapore.

We hope that the Aircraft/Seaplane makes waves (pun intended) and serves as a catalyst for growth of boat-hulled amphibious Aircraft in the region. Capt. Murthy will be in the U.S. throughout July 2013 for co-orindating the export and ferry of the amphibious Aircraft and is available on e-mail.

We are also pleased to be working on a consulting project involving the sale of a Gulfstream G550 premium long range Jet Aircraft for a private buyer in the region.

Thanks always to our well-wishers for your support! We shall publish details of the Lake 250 Renegade's visit to Singapore in August for viewing.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sun N Fun 2013 comes to a close

We attended the last Sun N Fun Fly In and Splash In at Lakeland, Florida in 2012 and were unable to make it this year for the 39th year of this famous General Aviation event. To know more about the event itself and our photos/details from last year, click here to re-visit our archives.

However, this year's event was mentioned as "different" because the US Sequestration put a squeeze on military Aircraft participation and therefore the fly in remained largely civilian. However, reports from Aviator friends who made it to the event indicates that the show was a success and that everyone enjoyed the various static and flying events as well as the Seaplane Splash In event at nearby Lake Agnes.

Seaplane Associations in the U.S. have been posting pictures and videos from the Splash In events and we have shared some pictures on our facebook page as well. There are 2 large General Aviation Shows in the U.S. annually. Sun N Fun and EAA Airventure at Oshkosh are the one's to look out for and attend. These are great networking events for GA manufacturers, buyers, sellers and aviation aficionados.

April is half done already, how time flies, we will be updating on our regular aviation activities for the month, including our much anticipated but slightly delayed Seaplane services.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ATR42/72 March 2013 updates

We continue to work with Amphibious Aircraft through Jeteezy although much of the operational aspects of that business has been hived off to our associate company "Hampshire General Aviation Pte Ltd" recently incorporated in the Republic of Singapore.

Jeteezy is also acting as consultants to new Seaplane projects in Vietnam and Philippines, with the Philippines entity working with us for introducing landplane services including Fokker 50s on lease. Our current projects include placing an extensively refurbished ATR72-500 with far east clients.

The ATR72's are primarily undergoing heavy checks with complete refurbishment on the interior as well as new exterior paint (white-customer livery as per spec). First Aircraft project starts early April and is being delivered to client by June 2013 on sale. 2 more ATR72s will be coming into our associate facilities for heavy checks and refurbishment from June 2013 onwards and available by August 2013 for lease or sale. We are also actively sourcing ATR42-320/500s for our existing client, on an urgent basis. This is a month end update for the month of March 2013.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, February 28, 2013


We are pleased to announce that a new start-up Company "Hampshire General Aviation Pte Ltd" has been incorporated in Singapore. They will be operating Seaplanes of the Lake 250 pedigree in the region and SE Asia locations, throughout the geographical region.

Jeteezy will handle all the consulting, sales, support of this venture and are please to be associated with the same.

In other recent news, Jeteezy is working on lease/purchase of unlisted ATR-72 passenger turboprop Aircraft and is closely associated with Banks, owners and end users in E Asia.

Jeteezy is holding talks with hangar developers in Singapore who are building hangars for upcoming General Aviation projects at Seletar Aerospace Park. These are projects in the pipeline.

Jeteezy is also adding personnel to the workforce with addition of a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer who is quite senior in experience, more than 25 years in aviation maintenance. An addition of one pilot and Operations Crew trainee is also in the works. All positions are local Singaporeans.

It is already March 2013! Have a great month everybody!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR! To all our Chinese origin friends, wishing you a great year of the Snake! All the best in all your endeavours.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013



Spec                                                                           250 HP NORMAL
Horsepower @ RPM @ Altitude                                250 @ 2575 @ Sea Level               
TBO hours                                                                  2000
Gross Take Off Weight                                                3140 lbs
Empty Weight                                                              1975 lbs
Useful Load                                                                 1165 lbs
Fuel Capacity                                                                88 gal useful
Seating Capacity                                                            6 persons
Cabin Doors                                                                  3
Baggage Capacity                                                          200 lbs
Service Ceiling                                                               14,700'
Cruise Speed                                                                132 kts @ 6,000' (75% power)
Max Range (No Reserve)                                             1050 Nm (55% power)
Fuel Consumption                                                         12.8 GPH Max; Cruise 10GPH
Stall Speed (Flaps & Gear Up)                                      55 kts
Stall Speed (Flaps & Gear Down)                                    49 kts
Takeoff Roll - Land                                                          880' @ 3140 lbs
                600' @ 2600 lbs
Takeoff Roll - Water                                                        1250' @3140 lbs
                800' @ 2600 lbs
Landing Roll - Land                                                          475'
Landing Roll Water                                                          600'


The Lake line of amphibious Aircraft has been manufactured under different variants lengthening fuselage & more powerful engines but basically same design for over 40 years.

The Aircraft can take off and land from shallow and narrow lakes, canals, water bodies, rivulets, rivers and even the open sea as well as come on land from water bodies and re-enter. 

The Aircraft also operates from regular Airports, Grass strips/Dirt runways as any conventional Aircraft does.

The founders of the Lake Aircraft Company came from Republic and Grumman Aircraft Corporation with over 50 years of designing amphibious Aircraft.

The type certificate was later bought by Revo, Inc. (Armand and Bruce Rivard) and currently the same company holds the TC.

The company had stopped the manufacture of Aircraft in 2006 and started their refurbishing of used Lake Aircraft as a profitable business and is now in the process of sale and restarting manufacturing. 

Unlike most floatplanes that are really land Airplanes modified for water operations, the Lake Amphibious Aircraft are true, purpose built boat hulled Amphibious Aircraft certified for open sea operations as well as land/grass strip/dirt runways operations. 


Air Taxi, Airport to Resort transfers, Feeder services for other carriers, flying club activities, personal charter flights etc.

 Aerial Whale watching tours, marine life spotting, Island tours, alerting ships to prevent whale collisions while operating at Sea, other marine advisories to Authorities and concerned commercial fishing and shipping vessels etc.
Air Ambulance role picking up sea stricken persons & transported to land airports or to connect with larger Air Med Jets for onward Air Ambulance operations.

Search and Rescue (SAR) roles finding ships/vessels in distress and helping seamen overboard. The Rescue is limited to providing facilities after landing on water, if conditions are feasible or remain circling overhead to guide other rescue vessels.

Coastal management planning, mapping, conservation roles in wetlands, observations of bird life, anti-poaching patrols, water quality sampling, floating water based laboratory for mangroves restoration, seedlings/regeneration, protection and improving coral growth and coral reef management/protection etc.

With the engines off, the aircraft can be paddled around silently like a light boat, hence no disturbance when approaching marine bird species or for surveillance/studies of the environment.