Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year End Cheer and plans for 2012

2011 has been an interesting year, a better one compared to the previous year and Jeteezy has made steady growth in the process. As we complete year end closings of accounts and penning new agreements to start taking effect from next year, we look forward to a busy 2012.

Firstly, we are happy to be moving to a location at Seletar Airport by mid Jan. We will be doing our Lake Amphibious Aircraft sales from that location as well as providing all the services that Jeteezy is known for, with the addition of managing a few private jets as well.

We may scale down third party charter flights in order to focus more on sales and leasing of our owned Aircraft stock. Our markets in Sri Lanka, India has expanded to include Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh. Where we have leasing opportunities for the Lake Amphibious Aircraft, we shall position in those markets. There is a lack of leasing companies in the region, especially with respect to smaller Aircraft. We see a niche opportunity for that business in 2012.

We are expanding staffing as well, in addition to one more pilot, we are adding a specialist to assist in special operations configuration for the Seawolf amphibious Aircraft and another Administrative Assistant, both joining in January 2012. We are injecting fresh capital into the company to take its goal forward through the year ahead. The Jet engine efficiency improvement program that has started with our US main partner this year will also continue next year. It may take the entire year of testing and product development before the product becomes available for commercial use Worldwide, after extensive certification process. Watch this space as well!

We will have a presence at the Singapore Air Show in February 2012. Meeting some of our clients and guests from overseas during the period will cement ties further and expand the market. Niche markets may grow better than traditional businesses in 2012 and we are positioned to provide services for the same. We would like to take this opportunity to convey our Seasons Greetings and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all our friends, well-wishers, clients, customers, providers and so on. All the best for 2012! May it be a banner year for all.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We are pleased to note that the new Business Aviation Complex was formally opened by Mr. S. Iswaran, Second Minister for Trade and Industry and also Minister in the office of the Prime Minister of Singapore.

This article from ChannelNewsAsia gives details of the opening and emphasises Singapore commitment to growing Seletar Airport into an Aerospace hub.

We may add that Jeteezy is happy to operate out of Seletar Airport and will also be moving into a facility at the Airport from January 2012. We will be housing a Lake Amphibious Aircraft at the facility in a few months time. The Aircraft may be leased out and also used for marketing. We also hope to cater for third party charter services for the Air Ambulance market, Private Aircraft Management, Charter flights (Including Empty Leg focus) as well as our core competency as turnkey consultants in Aviation including MRO business. Please look for updates. Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is to announce that our Medical Evacuation Flights capabilities have started with a Learjet 60 with Lifeport Medical stretcher system for evacuation of critically ill patients or those that are in dire emergency of an airlift. The Aircraft has a flight range of more than 2400 nautical miles (more than 4445 Kilometres)  and can cover most of South and South East Asia from Singapore. We have connections with the best hospitals and the best facilities in the region for the same.

We have also made arrangements for an empty leg charter network, promoting it as an ex-Singapore operation with various International affiliations. At our disposal we have Challenger 601, Challenger 605, Hawker 800XP, Learjet 60, Falcon 2000 Easy and so on. All of these Aircraft are operated under Part 135/NSOP charter certificates, with professional crew and excellent maintenance. Drop us a line at: captanup.murthy@gmail.com

The work related to Aircraft engines is on-going, our U.S.A. principle is in talks with a large Aviation company whose details cannot be divulged at this point in time. They are equipped with the means to provide Gas Turbine Engine testing facilities and the ability to manufacture monitoring and managing equipment related to Standing Waves and Engine performance enhancement technology. We hope to achieve the first mile marker before the end of the year. 2012 promises to be the year of innovation for us.

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Efficient Aircraft Engine systems Development

We are progressing with the project to develop technologies that can deliver better performance through existing Aircraft Jet Engines. The process is being patented at the moment and the next step involves testing the system on a flying test bed. We have been looking closely at an MD-82 with a -217 engines on them for installation, testing, demostrations and certifications of the equipment that is being designed.

We hope to be a part of the displays at Singapore Air Show early next year to be held at Changi Air Show Centre and their purpose built facility. The Air Show will also end the year long Centennial Celebrations of Civil Aviation in Singapore. What better way it is, for us, to bring out and demonstrate new aero-engine technology than at this event.

More updates follow in October when we start an awareness campaign in the Airline sector with interested Airline partners whom we shall identify at a later date.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 2011 Activity Log And Announcements

We were recently invited to make a slide show presentation about Air Ambulance, to a group of cardiologists in Singapore. They operate under a new Cardiology Group and will soon establish a Heart Center here. We made a presentation on the types of Aircraft that may be used, the sectors those may cover and the economics of the program.

Post meeting feedback suggests that the Doctors Group is keen on using an Aeromedical Evacuation Services. There is a growing demand for such services, as it offers hope for urgent trans location of critical patients in the shortest possible time, from remote areas of the region to the most well equipped, best trained and experienced Doctors.

Our investor group is evaluating their exact needs and will soon announce plans for the acquisition of the right types of Aircraft to be placed around the region. Our focus in future will also be related to Life Saving. In this field, we would like to make a brief announcement here. We are working on a Medical Tracking Software that multi-tasks, truly interactive and acts as an alarm as well. The concept is based on mobile smartphones that is capable of communicating and interacting with multiple devices and systems. This is being worked on at this time and we will be making some Announcements of reaching those milestones, on this blog. This is once again related to our core work of Air Ambulance evacuation Aircraft operations but also works on a stand-alone basis.

Also in July: We were busy hosting Kanoo Aviation, a part of the 120 year old Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Company Limited based in Jeddah on their visit to Singapore and for meetings with SASCO/ST Aerospace Engineering Company for a Joint Venture Aviation MRO project. Similar meeting are on going into August 2011.

Also in July: Initial conferences with EMAE based in the USA for developing advance Jet Engine technology for Aircraft, one that will reduce consumption and emission of Jet Engines on Aircraft.

Watch this space in the next few months for developments on all of the above projects.

Monday, February 14, 2011


February 2011 News and plans updates for JETEEZY PTE LTD:

JETEEZY has been hiring since January 1st. Now we are on an expansion mode. Medevac operations using Jet Aircraft is starting out of the block. Jeteezy is also approaching EDB Singapore for Hangar building permit and land/space at the Seletar Aerospace technology park for carrying out a wide variety of aviation related works. Focus areas:

1. Medevac/Air Ambulance flights throughout the Asia-Pacific region
2. Operating aerial photo-grammetry/digital stereoscopic imaging Aircraft throughout Asia-Pacific
3. Sales center and support for Lake Amphibious Aircraft in India and Sri Lanka
4. Operating special ops Aircraft for fire fighting and re-foresting degraded forests in the region
5. Developing an hardware/software integration project between humans, alarm centers, hospitals/ICU's and Aircraft.

The company sees 2011 as the year for growth and consolidation of special aviation operations, mostly keeping conservation and life saving in mind. These are also growth drivers for the future.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


JETEEZY is pleased to continue representing Lake Amphibious Aircraft in India and Sri Lanka. All our efforts in 2010 have created new markets for this Aircraft in the used category (such as Renegade) and new category (Lake Seawolf). The marketing effort continues in January 2011 in India and hope to announce new break-through in February.

Sri Lanka marketing effort starts in right earnest from late Feb 2011 and we are hopeful of positioning Aircraft there within 6 months. The market in India is of 3 types currently.

1. Direct Sales of factory remanufactured Aircraft and new Seawolf.
2. Financing the sales of remanufactured and new Seawolf.
3. Leasing Lake Renegade amphibians

Other than the Lake products that we are extremely proud the represent, we are also marketing the AT802F as an initial fire suppression platform and also for possible use in forestry such as laying down mulch and re foresting/aerial seeding of degraded forests in India.

The activities of our company is unique in providing specialized Aircraft and equipment for aviation solutions. However, we are also capable of providing third party Aircraft charter services throughout Asia as we have done many such successful flights, at the lowest cost in the industry. The equipment used have included small jets as the Citation Mustang to Gulfstream G550 long range executive Jet. Our market has been located in and around SE Asia and India in recent times and out growth in all segments of specialized aviation is going to be in this region for 2011 and going forward.

We are also pleased to be working with Indus Aviation in India for special projects there as well as with Airflite Singapore for specialized aviation solutions in the region. However, as Lake Amphibians are concerned, we represent only the territories of India and Sri Lanka for 2011 moving forward.

Have a great year to all our clients, supporters and vendors.