Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 2011 Activity Log And Announcements

We were recently invited to make a slide show presentation about Air Ambulance, to a group of cardiologists in Singapore. They operate under a new Cardiology Group and will soon establish a Heart Center here. We made a presentation on the types of Aircraft that may be used, the sectors those may cover and the economics of the program.

Post meeting feedback suggests that the Doctors Group is keen on using an Aeromedical Evacuation Services. There is a growing demand for such services, as it offers hope for urgent trans location of critical patients in the shortest possible time, from remote areas of the region to the most well equipped, best trained and experienced Doctors.

Our investor group is evaluating their exact needs and will soon announce plans for the acquisition of the right types of Aircraft to be placed around the region. Our focus in future will also be related to Life Saving. In this field, we would like to make a brief announcement here. We are working on a Medical Tracking Software that multi-tasks, truly interactive and acts as an alarm as well. The concept is based on mobile smartphones that is capable of communicating and interacting with multiple devices and systems. This is being worked on at this time and we will be making some Announcements of reaching those milestones, on this blog. This is once again related to our core work of Air Ambulance evacuation Aircraft operations but also works on a stand-alone basis.

Also in July: We were busy hosting Kanoo Aviation, a part of the 120 year old Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Company Limited based in Jeddah on their visit to Singapore and for meetings with SASCO/ST Aerospace Engineering Company for a Joint Venture Aviation MRO project. Similar meeting are on going into August 2011.

Also in July: Initial conferences with EMAE based in the USA for developing advance Jet Engine technology for Aircraft, one that will reduce consumption and emission of Jet Engines on Aircraft.

Watch this space in the next few months for developments on all of the above projects.

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