Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We are pleased to note that the new Business Aviation Complex was formally opened by Mr. S. Iswaran, Second Minister for Trade and Industry and also Minister in the office of the Prime Minister of Singapore.

This article from ChannelNewsAsia gives details of the opening and emphasises Singapore commitment to growing Seletar Airport into an Aerospace hub.

We may add that Jeteezy is happy to operate out of Seletar Airport and will also be moving into a facility at the Airport from January 2012. We will be housing a Lake Amphibious Aircraft at the facility in a few months time. The Aircraft may be leased out and also used for marketing. We also hope to cater for third party charter services for the Air Ambulance market, Private Aircraft Management, Charter flights (Including Empty Leg focus) as well as our core competency as turnkey consultants in Aviation including MRO business. Please look for updates. Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is to announce that our Medical Evacuation Flights capabilities have started with a Learjet 60 with Lifeport Medical stretcher system for evacuation of critically ill patients or those that are in dire emergency of an airlift. The Aircraft has a flight range of more than 2400 nautical miles (more than 4445 Kilometres)  and can cover most of South and South East Asia from Singapore. We have connections with the best hospitals and the best facilities in the region for the same.

We have also made arrangements for an empty leg charter network, promoting it as an ex-Singapore operation with various International affiliations. At our disposal we have Challenger 601, Challenger 605, Hawker 800XP, Learjet 60, Falcon 2000 Easy and so on. All of these Aircraft are operated under Part 135/NSOP charter certificates, with professional crew and excellent maintenance. Drop us a line at: captanup.murthy@gmail.com

The work related to Aircraft engines is on-going, our U.S.A. principle is in talks with a large Aviation company whose details cannot be divulged at this point in time. They are equipped with the means to provide Gas Turbine Engine testing facilities and the ability to manufacture monitoring and managing equipment related to Standing Waves and Engine performance enhancement technology. We hope to achieve the first mile marker before the end of the year. 2012 promises to be the year of innovation for us.

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