Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year

Dear friends, colleagues, supporters, customers, we at Jeteezy Wish you all a Very Happy New Year. May 2013 be a fruitful, successful, peaceful year and let us all play a part in the growth of Aviation, wherever we are, to make it as productive and effective as possible.

Aviation deserves to have better times than it has had in the recent decade. It is time for renewal and we are not talking about the Global Airline scenario but specifically about General Aviation. Whether you are in Corporate Jets, Air Ambulance, Banner Towing  Flight School, Air Taxi Services, General Aviation Services of any kind, let's make sure that GA not only survives but also thrives.

Jeteezy will redouble efforts to increase clientèle and scope of services in 2013 and is already working on going consulting projects. It is not far off that we will see the fruits of our hard work and we are expecting a banner year from January 2013.

Thanks always for your good wishes and blessings,

We remain dedicated to be,

Your first choice for General Aviation in South East Asia/Asian region.

Team Jeteezy!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Seaplane opportunities-Asia

There is a new interest in Seaplanes operations in Asia and some of that is being generated from emerging economies like India and Indonesia mainly. State Government's of Kerala and Goa have taken steps closer to make it attractive for Seaplane operators in the Private sector to come in and develop the sector. Our own travels to India to explore this opportunity was well received.

Indonesia has come out with a plan for having Seaplane operations. With 17,000 islands and less than 200 operational Airports, they have no other connectivity option other than to encourage and develop Seaplane services to connect with remote communities. Merpati Airlines, State owned, is buying up to 20 Seaplane in a project costing them $120 Million and Travira is planning on expanding their current single Aircraft Cessna Caravan float plane to add more of the same type.

China is looking at new operations in the Pearl River Delta and everyone knows that once China's GA market and regional airline/air taxi market opens up, that is going to be a great venue for setting up ventures. Asia is seeing growth, steady growth and in terms of bringing in new concepts to this region, the usage of Seaplanes is perhaps the most exciting and interesting one for us, since we are developing into that space as a speciality.

Jeteezy management welcomes the opportunity of talks and discussions with various Government, Quasi-Government and Private sector, to further the development, use and support of Amphibious Aircraft and Seaplanes in the Asian region.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

SUN N FUN 2012

Sun N Fun is an Annual Aviation fly in that takes in Lakeland Florida. This year it was on between the 27th of March until the 1st of April. We were there at the show this year, meeting people, meeting Aircraft manufacturers and their representatives, pilots, engineers, discussing projects, potential sales contacts and so on.

This Blog is mostly an Album of photographs taken at the Sun N Fun fly in and Splash In (for seaplanes) event.  Some of the photographs are captioned. Most Airplanes can be identified by our aviation enthusiasts  without captions. Click on image to expand view. Enjoy!

 The Piper J3 Cub 1946 Vintage restored 

 The Douglas C-47 above and below "Spooky"

 The rare Piaggio twin pusher seaplane above

The Grumman classic Goose below

The Lake 250 Renegade Amphibian below-this is what we do!

 The beautifully restored Grumman Mallard Amphibian above and below

 Pitts special aerobatic airplane above

 The rugged Maule

 Super Decathlon from Citabria - flown this in the past!

 Piper Mirage - this is one of the M Class (Matrix, Mirage, Meridian) 

 The Gipps GA8 Airvan utility Aircraft now owned by Mahindra Aerospace of India

 Entrance to the Fly In welcome booths

 Piper Seminole, twin engine piston trainer

 Great bushplanes above and below - Aviat Husky

 WW II flying vintage B29 Bomber "Fifi"

 Interesting paint scheme on this Lake 250 Renegade!

 The amphibian twin Seabee not produced anymore (above)
Amphibian vintage rare Dornier single float (Below)

 Classic P51 Mustangs!

 SNJ Trainers and vintage warbirds section above and below