Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays

Jeteezy Pte Ltd wishes all its clients, collaborators, Authorities a Very Happy Christmas and a Happy and Proseprous New Year. We have done sustained campaigns for the Lake Amphibious Aircraft in India in 2010. We remain representatives for Lake Amphibious line of Aircraft for India and Sri Lanka into 2011 and look forward to expanding the market further afield for this fine line of Aircraft. We have also started to promote the Air Tractor Air Boss Fire fighting Aircraft in the same market. More on that later in January updates.

2011 promises to be one of delivery of Aircraft and commercial success of the company. We thanks all our partners in our efforts and look forward to working with you'll once again in 2011.
All the best,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Maintenance action

Dear Aviation buffs, I had to remove a couple of posts in order to do some cleanup of my blogs. However, those will be back up again. For those of you missing my blog on Lake Aircraft, that will be up and running shortly too. As most companies and people know, we have been appointed exclusive representatives for Lake Amphibious Aircraft for India and Sri Lanka.

Our client base in India has been identified and are in the process of acquisition. Sri Lanka will be a focus sometime later this year as we see good potential for Seaplanes/Amphibious Aircraft activity there.

Also, as on date, the latest news is that a charter operator has sent us an inquiry to manage their flight charters and base their Aircraft in SIngapore. We will be entering into negotiations for this and hope to contribute to the growth of the charter flights sector in Singapore.

More updates follow.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Seaplanes are sometimes a great necessity in disaster zones, especially those communities that are close to the seashore. Take the unfortunate massive Earth Quake that struck Haiti recently. The amount of aid pouring in, through conventional Aircraft, is huge. But, since the Airport facilities are small, only a certain number of Aircraft can operate in and out at any given time. This is hampering bringing in massive aid that is required urgently.

Seaplane Pilot Association of the United States has stepped in to help. They are appealing to the Seaplane community to bring in small medical supplies, water purifying tablets and other essential supplies. Seaplanes will be able to land in certain designated sea lanes near the shore and deliver aid to communities that are nearby. This may help mitigate the problem to a certain extent and in any case, be able to distribute aid to far flung places.

Now, the same solutions can be applied in other areas. Remember the far flung ocean communities that suffered Earth Quakes recently and Tsunami before that in Indonesia? Remember the Cyclone that struck Myanmar and SE Asia? Remember the annual cyclones and tropical storms in Asia and other parts of the World? Coastal communities were worst hit. These are the area, that a seaplane/amphibious Aircraft can operate and hence would be an ideal platform for disaster management agencies to consider. Of course, not all times can seaplanes operate especially is there is a lot of floating debris but the airplanes can be used for dropping supplies and even jettisoning life rafts to those who had been swept out to Sea.

Let's hope Haiti comes out of this trauma although it may take a dozen years for mental scars to heal, what with the tremendous loss of life.