Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Maintenance action

Dear Aviation buffs, I had to remove a couple of posts in order to do some cleanup of my blogs. However, those will be back up again. For those of you missing my blog on Lake Aircraft, that will be up and running shortly too. As most companies and people know, we have been appointed exclusive representatives for Lake Amphibious Aircraft for India and Sri Lanka.

Our client base in India has been identified and are in the process of acquisition. Sri Lanka will be a focus sometime later this year as we see good potential for Seaplanes/Amphibious Aircraft activity there.

Also, as on date, the latest news is that a charter operator has sent us an inquiry to manage their flight charters and base their Aircraft in SIngapore. We will be entering into negotiations for this and hope to contribute to the growth of the charter flights sector in Singapore.

More updates follow.

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