Monday, September 30, 2013


We are pleased  to announce that the Lake 250 demonstrator Aircraft has departed for Singapore, containerized and shipped by sea. 

The Aircraft arrived in Laconia Airport, New Hampshire, for dismantling at Skybright Aviation and packing for containerization in August and has subsequently left the Port of New York, having been exported by Jeteezy on behalf of Duesenberg Motors, Inc USA and consigned for re-assembling the Aircraft in Singapore. 

The Aircraft will remain in Singapore for re-assembling and flight testing at Jeteezy's facility in Seletar and following this, it will be de-registered and re-registered in Indonesia for regular flight operations and to work as demonstrator for future sales of Team Lake line of refurbished Aircraft. 

This work of refurbished Aircraft sales, support and services is being handled exclusively by Hampshire General Aviation, Pte Ltd, Singapore. More updates follows when the Aircraft arrives in Singapore around the 27th of October 2013.