Saturday, May 5, 2012

SUN N FUN 2012

Sun N Fun is an Annual Aviation fly in that takes in Lakeland Florida. This year it was on between the 27th of March until the 1st of April. We were there at the show this year, meeting people, meeting Aircraft manufacturers and their representatives, pilots, engineers, discussing projects, potential sales contacts and so on.

This Blog is mostly an Album of photographs taken at the Sun N Fun fly in and Splash In (for seaplanes) event.  Some of the photographs are captioned. Most Airplanes can be identified by our aviation enthusiasts  without captions. Click on image to expand view. Enjoy!

 The Piper J3 Cub 1946 Vintage restored 

 The Douglas C-47 above and below "Spooky"

 The rare Piaggio twin pusher seaplane above

The Grumman classic Goose below

The Lake 250 Renegade Amphibian below-this is what we do!

 The beautifully restored Grumman Mallard Amphibian above and below

 Pitts special aerobatic airplane above

 The rugged Maule

 Super Decathlon from Citabria - flown this in the past!

 Piper Mirage - this is one of the M Class (Matrix, Mirage, Meridian) 

 The Gipps GA8 Airvan utility Aircraft now owned by Mahindra Aerospace of India

 Entrance to the Fly In welcome booths

 Piper Seminole, twin engine piston trainer

 Great bushplanes above and below - Aviat Husky

 WW II flying vintage B29 Bomber "Fifi"

 Interesting paint scheme on this Lake 250 Renegade!

 The amphibian twin Seabee not produced anymore (above)
Amphibian vintage rare Dornier single float (Below)

 Classic P51 Mustangs!

 SNJ Trainers and vintage warbirds section above and below

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