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Jeteezy Private Limited was set up in Singapore on 10th of October 2007. The company started operations in early 2008 in the field of Aviation Consultants, Aircraft Sales, Leasing, Charter Flights and other Aviation related advisory services. We are also exclusive representatives of Team Lake line of Lake 250 and Seawolf Amphibious Aircraft.

We have added a Hangar office and hangar facilities at Seletar:
The registered address remains the same, please note the Hangar address and phone numbers:

700 West Camp Road,
Seletar Aerospace Park,
Tel: +65 9755 1124

Regd: 100 Beach Road, #25-06 Shaw Towers
Singapore 189702
ACCRA Registration: Singapore Incorporated Company: 200719105W
Contact: or 

Our focus remains in the Sales, Support and Service of most General Aviation Aircraft ranging from Piper Single/multi engines to Turboprops to Jets and most specifically Amphibious Aircraft.

Jeteezy pre-owned Aircraft acquisition services includes the following:

1. Identifying the right type of Aircraft for your operations
2. Conducting pre-purchase technical inspections
3. Achieving financial closure of the deal
4. Aircraft Insurance
5. Ferry flight services/Aircraft delivery to your location
6. Providing flight and maintenance crew

* The above services complement our proposed Service Station for sales, support and maintenance services for the Piper line of Aircraft and for the currently held Lake 250 inventory.

We also do third party charters with our existing network of certified operators using a wide variety of turboprops and jets to many locations in the Australasia region.

April 2012 UPDATES:

We were at the Singapore Air Show this year and found many contacts by circulating around our aviator friends circle. Although the Air Show did not result in any sale directly, it enhanced our presence in the region as a General Aviation source that one can reply on, as a one-stop-shop. Click on this LINK to visit that article on the Air Show.

We are currently expanding from 3 employees to add more certifying engineers and mechanics for the service centre operations. Most of our employee resources are local Singaporeans and residents.

We posted the specifications of our Team lake inventory of exclusive Lake 250 Amphibious Aircraft for sale. We stand behind each one of those represented, having vetted and refurbished in great detail by the Lake Amphibious Aircraft manufacturing/engineering team. Click on this LINK to go to the details and specifications for those Aircraft.

The last Blogpost carried videos of one of the Lake 250s on offer through us. This versatile Aircraft does all the talking for us, without having to explain much, just by its sheer versatility and performance. Click on this LINK for a guide to buying used Aircraft, particularly Lake 250 Amphibians and watch the videos!

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