Thursday, January 13, 2011


JETEEZY is pleased to continue representing Lake Amphibious Aircraft in India and Sri Lanka. All our efforts in 2010 have created new markets for this Aircraft in the used category (such as Renegade) and new category (Lake Seawolf). The marketing effort continues in January 2011 in India and hope to announce new break-through in February.

Sri Lanka marketing effort starts in right earnest from late Feb 2011 and we are hopeful of positioning Aircraft there within 6 months. The market in India is of 3 types currently.

1. Direct Sales of factory remanufactured Aircraft and new Seawolf.
2. Financing the sales of remanufactured and new Seawolf.
3. Leasing Lake Renegade amphibians

Other than the Lake products that we are extremely proud the represent, we are also marketing the AT802F as an initial fire suppression platform and also for possible use in forestry such as laying down mulch and re foresting/aerial seeding of degraded forests in India.

The activities of our company is unique in providing specialized Aircraft and equipment for aviation solutions. However, we are also capable of providing third party Aircraft charter services throughout Asia as we have done many such successful flights, at the lowest cost in the industry. The equipment used have included small jets as the Citation Mustang to Gulfstream G550 long range executive Jet. Our market has been located in and around SE Asia and India in recent times and out growth in all segments of specialized aviation is going to be in this region for 2011 and going forward.

We are also pleased to be working with Indus Aviation in India for special projects there as well as with Airflite Singapore for specialized aviation solutions in the region. However, as Lake Amphibians are concerned, we represent only the territories of India and Sri Lanka for 2011 moving forward.

Have a great year to all our clients, supporters and vendors.


  1. Interesting. Wish you good luck in all the ventures.

  2. @ Raji Madam: Thank you! We are getting prepared for Air Ambulance services that is expected to serve far flung communities in SE Asia and help save lives.

  3. Pleased to read update on your corporate front. Wondering if you still retain that yacht...,just in case we think of a holiday,or an MBP Fraternity meet in Singapore.

  4. Thanks GVK Sir. MBP fraternity meet sounds nice. Since I am going to be traveling a lot this year, I hope it happens when I'm here in Singapore!
    Itinerary looks like: Late Jan-Early Feb in India (mostly New Delhi) with brief visit to Mysore/Goa. Mid Feb Indonesia. Late Feb: USA.
    I'll make arrangements if you would like to go boating!