Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ATR42/72 March 2013 updates

We continue to work with Amphibious Aircraft through Jeteezy although much of the operational aspects of that business has been hived off to our associate company "Hampshire General Aviation Pte Ltd" recently incorporated in the Republic of Singapore.

Jeteezy is also acting as consultants to new Seaplane projects in Vietnam and Philippines, with the Philippines entity working with us for introducing landplane services including Fokker 50s on lease. Our current projects include placing an extensively refurbished ATR72-500 with far east clients.

The ATR72's are primarily undergoing heavy checks with complete refurbishment on the interior as well as new exterior paint (white-customer livery as per spec). First Aircraft project starts early April and is being delivered to client by June 2013 on sale. 2 more ATR72s will be coming into our associate facilities for heavy checks and refurbishment from June 2013 onwards and available by August 2013 for lease or sale. We are also actively sourcing ATR42-320/500s for our existing client, on an urgent basis. This is a month end update for the month of March 2013.

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