Wednesday, July 1, 2015

USA Updates

To all our friends and contacts, please note that we are presently in the U.S. and have done extensive research of the pre-owned Lake amphibian market and all advertised and non advertised models have been evaluated by Team lake.

The advertisements on publications, websites and so on have been by and large misleading. Most misrepresent the actual status of the Aircraft. We have found hidden issues and other maintenance and repair problems that have either been glossed over or not even mentioned at all in majority of the ads. The paint and cosmetic appearances clearly cover up what lies beneath it all. BUYER BEWARE!

The advertisements from various agents/representatives only serve to spoil the market because of their predatory pricing. There's a reason if they are going cheap. Many representatives did not even know details of the Aircraft they represented and when we obtained paperwork for those eventually, we found many discrepancies. Doing a pre-buy using any other F.A.A A&P mechanic will not unearth the issues for used Lake line of amphibious Aircraft. You'd need specialists who have experience on the type and know what to look for. Those who approach us clearly know the difference between buying an airplane through what they see on the internet and doing it through us with the assurance of quality.

We are contactable on whatsapp or messages or calls on our USA number: +1 941 321 3772. Our email: is also active as usual. Run your seaplane ideas by us and we'll make sure you get the right platform, we don't buy airplanes that we are not willing to fly in ourselves. Sales agents don't care. We do. We are always around for support and services throughout the year.

Best wishes.

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