Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Tavares hosted the annual splashin event for #seaplanes at the seaplane base. It was well attended by local and distant communities as well. It was a day event with many types of seaplanes but of course our focus was on networking with and generally hanging around with the Lake line of Amphibious Aircraft and their happy owners.

 At the seaplane ramp, Tavares, Florida

 Lake 250 Renegade

 HU-16 Grumman Albatross, one of the few flying anywhere in the World
 Lake 250 renegade from our friends at Lake Aircraft Flyers Association
 Seaplane ramp started to get crowded as the day progressed

 That's a Maule on floats and there were a few Searay LSA amphibians. To us, an LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) are nothing but better dressed ultra/microlights. They can be fun if one knows the limitations of flying such Aircraft.

Lake Renegade 250-our all time favorite amphibian

 View from the restaurant at the ramp side of the seaplane parking area

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