Tuesday, February 20, 2018


We wish all our customers, employees, vendors and supporters a very good 2018! Since we are into the lunar New Year and our Singapore affiliate Jeteezy Pte Ltd celebrates that Holiday, we wish all our Chinese Singaporean and Chinese ethnic affiliates, friends and well wishes the very best for the golden year of the Dog! Gong XI Fa Cai!

We are trying to revive the whole concept of blogging as a method of communicating effectively.We had not updated this blog for a long time since we moved all our information into a nicely done, in-house endeavor, to create our own website. The website may be found here

The purpose of rekindling this blog is that we can put a lot more of our thoughts and plans going forward in this longer platform than the twitter page @jeteezyavn can do. We will still be tweeting, as that platform has it's own place and reach and we may link the blogs and the twitter page at some point for effective cross posting of news, events, articles and our ideas going forward.

Jeteezy USA project continues into it's second year as a start up and we have been maintaining and refurbishing the Lake line of Amphibious Aircraft that we specialize in but we have also performed and conducting presently, maintenance of Piper twin engine Aircraft as well. The goal of making this into a manufacturing facility is on going and will see it coming to fruition in the next 6 months. 

Lake LA200 cockpit we fully refurbished
Lake Buccaneer LA200 we fully refurbished for local Florida customer late 2017

We are also planning other forays in the Aerospace segment and we have been in discussions with various partners to further that goal. Our CEO Anup Murthy is spearheading all the projects at Jeteezy and is backed by a capable and skilled staff. We also have long term plans of projects for amphibious Aircraft in India and also a production under license project envisaged to be located in Australia. Anup will be focusing on those projects from next year once we have an extension of the USA production certificate to cover World wide operations.

Jeteezy Pte Ltd Singapore is poised to take over more maintenance projects and will also be doing Lake Aircraft sales for us in the Asia Pacific region. The two affiliate companies are also discussing mergers that may happen in the first half of next year. We will be sad to lose Anup to projects in Asia and Australia but he will be available for consulting and other matters as necessary for the continuation of the ventures here in the U.S. 

Coming to U.S. ventures, we have been actively discussing with other locations/Airports for expansion of capabilities as well as to be a close to the space coast as possible to be able to take part in the new space age industry that is coming up rapidly.

We realize that these updates would have taken a lot longer to compose on twitter! We therefore see the use of blogs coupled with microblogging as a way to the future. 

Look for regular updates as they are posted here onwards. The following pictures below has been uploaded from our recent activities and the Seaplane that we so love working and flying - the Lake Amphibian! 

The above pictures are from our Aircraft flown by CEO Anup Murthy and company pilot Chip Erwin to the Oshokosh Airshow 2017 for display of our capabilities. Look for more news and pictures of our project going ahead, next updates expected in the first week  of march 2018!

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