Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Dear customers, well wishers and visitors, we are pleased to announce the incorporation of Jeteezy, Inc in the USA as a Corporation. This has come in to effect from January 2, 2015 and based in the state of Florida. Details and Articles of Incorporation of the company may be found by visiting the Florida State Corporations website and doing a name search for Jeteezy, Inc or find through our incorporation document number: P15000000891.

Well, it is an exciting time for us, it will mean that Jeteezy will have more work to do in Asia-pacific region to promote Aircraft sales and support services for a wide variety of General Aviation Aircraft.

Our Singapore facility will be expanded this year, include more trained staff to deal with the sales, service and support of Aircraft and other seaplane types. We will complement the US venture by being the regional support base. Going forward, the emerging markets in Asia-pacific region will form a large part of the aircraft sales program.

Thanks for being there, we look forward to being there for you in 2015 and many years more to come. Wish everyone a fantastic, successful 2015!

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