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We are pleased to announce that our final project for Hampshire General Aviation has been completed with respect to their Lake 250 Amphibious Seaplane. We were responsible for importing the same to Singapore in dismantled condition , reassembled the same and delivered it to Hampshire Capital, Hampshire Group, Penang. This blog is about the flight to Bintan, performed for the same group under contract. We are pleased to have created History by being the first ever Seaplane to have landed and first ever seaplane pilot in the regular seaplane category to have landed in Bintan, Indonesia.

 Seaplane approaching beach at Bintan 

 Despite local challenges and the need to go it alone in Singapore for such a niche project, we have managed to do well. Lack of some support from agencies here hampers efforts for further growth but we hope to overcome those soon.
Seaplane on ramp at Bintan

Hampshire requested for our pilot services for conducting these flights to Bintan and satisfy the approval granted for carrying out initial landings in Bintan.

We took off from Seletar with out test pilot Capt. Anup Murthy and Technical officer Chris Chua on 15th March, landed at Batam International Airport for CIQ and proceeded a short distance away to Bintan for sea landing.
 Seaplane on the ramp at Bintan

We flew 500 feet off the water from Batam under Batam ATC and radio them before approaching landing area. Pilot chose the Bintan Ferry Terminal area, that was the approved designated landing area by the Master of Ports, Bintan, and landed safely there in choppy waters generated by strong weather systems. It was manageable conditions for safe operations.

The amphibian was taxied to the Nirwana Beach Club boat ramp where the pilot put the landing gear down in the water and came ashore and parked on the ramp at the Beach Club.

Local Authorities, Coast guard, Ports, Chief of security, GM and staff of Nirwanan Gardens etc were all at hand at the spot to facilitate and observe.

The return trip to Singapore was also from the same area, Bintan ferry terminal area, know as BBT, for a rough water takeoff (normally much smoother waters) and safely made to to Batam for exit CIQ, proceeding back to Singapore as normal Aircraft and landing at Seletar Airport.

Our usual point of contact:

Capt. Anup Murthy
Managing Director
Jeteezy Pte Ltd
Regn: 200719105W GST Regd.
100 Beach Road, #25-06
Shaw Towers,
Singapore 189702

24X7 Support hotline number: +65 9755 1124

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