Sunday, March 25, 2012

GA hotting up in China

Over the last few years the aviation community has been noticing a steady stream of General Aviation heading to China. Chinese companies were here in Singapore too scouting for opportunities during the recent Singapore Air Show. In one of the talks/seminars at the Air Show forum, some speakers felt that China was moving away from a simple "Copy/Paste" formula for Aircraft design and was now going through a process of learning through the acquisitions route. Chinese companies acquisition of Cirrus Aircraft and Continental Aircraft Engines indicated such a formula.

For reasons unknown, deals between Chinese company and Epic Aircraft that was on-going for a while dropped or they sold out further to a Russian Corporation as recent news suggests. The latest news as on date is about Cessna Aircraft and AVIC China are joining hands to jointly produce and promote GA sales in China and utilize the massive up-coming market, servicing their needs from their door step. Here is a link for this news.

Reading about some other US based aviation company acquisitions and the financial problems facing Hawker Beechcraft, some suggest that they are contemplating bankruptcy, only acts as a bait for overseas investors. Piper Aircraft as we all know is already a Brunei Kingdom company. All such investments are good for the free market economy and free trade and so on but one hopes that America doesn't lose it's edge is design and innovation and continues to partner the rest of the World for all to benefit. As a big fan of US designed and built Aircraft and Aviation product, we wish US Aviation scene the best and hope that the best years are just down the road.

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